Blaveloper made this Post on 12-12-2016, 23:58 CET | Category: General
After a bit over 10 years of gameplay videos, we have made a difficult decision to move on.
UltimatePisman is now what it used to be, and there are many factors behind this.

As early as in 2006, we have proudly started our YouTube account called "UltimatePisman" (pronounced: Ultimate Peace Man).
But we weren't using it seriously until 2007.
Then in 2010, we finally gained the ability to upload longer videos.
Then in 2012, we started to make money off it, turning the YouTube channel into big business.
Then in 2014, the attack of the false copyright claims started to come in (read: still ongoing), which not only made us cut profits by a whole lot, this was a start of the end of our motivation too.

From 2014 onward, we started to get worried about our videos on every video upload, because who loves copyright claims to begin with?
And the more worried we got, the less motivated we got to upload anything at all.
And at some point, we started to even lose money just to provide you new gameplay videos.

Google seriously turned YouTube into a piece of crap thanks to this!
After lots of consideration, we have come to the conclusion that this site will not last for long any more.
Our YouTube channel will stay where it is, but no new uploads will be provided any more.

We will instead go on with CW-Games, and our planned software development team.
I'm sure you will find the latter one awesome.

So for those who watched UltimatePisman, farewell.
And for those who enjoy the games from CW-Games, and/or have a lot of faith in our future software development company, we love you too.

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