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While our friends in the west could play Mario Kart DS on their Wii U machines for over a whole year now, we will finally see this game on our Japanese systems.
Mario Kart DS will be out in Japan on 25 May 2016 for 950 Yen.
Since we're lazy as shit, here's the description from the Nintendo Co. Ltd's website, translated after the break.

A variety of 32 courses, the Mario family competitive action racing game!

This software is a Nintendo DS action racing game, sold in 2005.
Mario and Yoshi, Princess Peach among others, other characters appearing in the "Mario Kart" series for the 5th time.
There are 16 new courses, from this game onwards, there are 16 remixed courses, so a total of 32 courses this time. In "Battle", 6 stages both old and new can be played.
Items include "mushroom" and "shell", as well as new items make their appearance. "Killer" (Bullet Bill) gets you back on track, "Gesso" (Blooper) will make others blind. Using these will determine victory or defeat.
Besides the modes "Grand Prix", "Time Trials", "VS", and "Battle", there's also an additional "Mission" mode, played in single player. "VS", "Battle", etc. modes on the other hand can also be played against a computer.

*Recommended screen layout is "big screen layout".

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