Blaveloper made this Post on 10-05-2016, 16:05 CEST | Category: Nintendo 3DS
There you have it, we finally got some more information about Pokémon Sun and Moon!
Now since we mostly focus on Japanese content, we'll focus on the Japanese story.
However, since we do it all in English, we will include the English Pokémon names alongside the Japanese ones.

But first, let's watch this new trailer.

Ready? Here they come!

JP name: Mokuroo
EN name: Rowlet
Kind: Grass Flower
Size: 0.3 m
Weight: 1.5 kg
Type: Grass and flying

JP name: Nyabii
EN name: Litten
Kind: Fire Cat
Size: 0.4 m
Weight: 4.3 kg
Type: Fire

JP name: Ashimari
EN name: Popplio
Kind: Sea Lion
Size: 0.4 m
Weight: 7.5 kg
Type: Water

Also, these games will come out worldwide on 18 November 2016 (Friday)!
Except for Europe, which will come 23 November 2016.
And the region is set on Hawaii this time.

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