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Indeed, Nintendosaur and Microsoftisaur teamed up to create a new DLC pack for Minecraft: Super Mario Mash Up Pack (and oh God what a name)!
While no word about it was released by Nintendo Co. Ltd, we know for sure that both America and Europe/Australia will get this pack next fucking week.

This pack comes with stages inspired by Super Mario World, Super Mario 64, Super Mario Sunshine and more, along with skins, music, item textures, etc.
17 May in America and 18 May in Europe/Australia, which actually means "at the same time in the west", because time zones.
Video trailer can be found after the break.

UPDATE, Nintendo Co. Ltd has spoken!

Posted by 'Nintendo Co. Ltd'
[Topic] In the Wii U edition of "Minecraft", Super Mario will appear! 18 May (Wednesday) at 10:00 AM delivered for free!

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