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We have seen a couple of "LOTS OF FUCKING SUN/MOON NEWS THIS SUNDAYZZZ" news since they were announced in the last Pokémon Direct back in February.
And yet all we know is a bit of artwork, that one Pokémon from the upcoming movie, that one Pokémon somebody made in Maya in that teaser, and OMG DAT LOGOZ!
So what's next? We got yet another confirmation about "MORE INFOZ", from the Nihongo website this time!

Original text:

『ポケットモンスター』シリーズ最新作、『ポケットモンスター サン』『ポケットモンスター ムーン』を、ニンテンドー3DSにて、2016年冬、世界で発売決定!

And for those who are about to whine that they DO NOT SPEAK JAPANESE, I have just translated this piece for ya:

"Pocket Monsters" series' recent development, "Pocket Monsters Sun" and "Pocket Monsters Moon" will launch worldwide in winter 2016 for Nintendo 3DS!
In this work, for the first time in the "Pocket Monsters" series, you will be able to choose between 9 languages: Japanese, English, Spanish, French, German, Italian and Korean, in addition to Chinese in traditional and simplified characters!
New adventures are awaiting, winter 2016, a worldwide start.

That's disappointing.

Right beneath it the website states:


Which means:

New public information on 10 May 2016 (Tuesday)

There you have it, HOPE!

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