About us

We are UltimatePisman (d'uh!), an independent news medium with the main focus on Japanese gaming content.
Here at UltimatePisman we have many years of experience with Japanese games.
Instead of wasting our time sugarcoating our opinion and providing long texts you won't read any way, we provide our content very honestly with humour, and as briefly as possible.

Cool, where are the ads?
Our ads can be found on our YouTube videos already, and we are closely related with CW-Games.
That's why we have decided not to show any ads on this website.

I have never seen a website like this, is this WordPress? Drupal? Joomla? Plain HTML?
No, no, no and no.
We are absolutely no fan of bloated software that would only give a headache to whoever views our site.
And at the same time, we find editing files every single time very inconvenient.
For this reason, we have developed our own CMS system: KotoPasta.
And the best thing is, you can freely use it for your own website too!
All it takes is getting to our official repository.

As for Japanese content, how do you get translations for it?
We self-translate everything from Japanese to English (or vice versa).
Free translators are terrible, paid translators cost money.
That's why the UltimatePisman staff is trained to be able to understand and speak both languages (and possibly more).

Google Analytics?
No, that's like spying on users, and it adds extra resources to this site (= longer loading times).
Even though we don't know how you are, where you're coming from or even how many people get here each minute, we have decided against using it.

But you do use cookies? HYPOCRITE!
I can't read your cookies, neither I can see who you are.
Even though we are resided in the European Union, we have decided against using a cookie wall/banner/whatever.
The whole cookie law is nothing more but propaganda, made up by lawmakers unfamiliar to how technology works (because politics AND technology just doesn't go well together).