Admitted, it always went wrong when I hired people for money, which is why I decided to look for voluntary positions instead.

UltimatePisman has been around for roughly 9 years on YouTube, on which we have built a nice audience.
Additionally, we ran as a news website from 2010 'till 2013 under different names, in which we even broke multiple news headlines too.

Our benefits
- UltimatePisman is owned by indie game developers, licensed by Nintendo. Therefore, we have full access to Nintendo debug consoles. (Local writers in Netherlands or Belgium only and only after signing an NDA.)
- No prior experience is required, so if you're new to news writing or reviews, we're your perfect start line!
- Access to a big audience on YouTube.
- Home-made CMS system.
- Each individual post can optionally be decorated with CSS and/or Javascript (if you want).

We want
- Passion for Nintendo consoles and its games (1st party, 2nd party AND 3rd party (yes, including indies!)).
- People willing to post frequently (at least 2 posts a day).
- Excellent English skills.
- Basic knowledge of Japanese is a plus.
- Good sense of humour (don't be too polite with your posts, we want to entertain people, not tell them a bedtime story).

How to apply?
If you have experience, just provide links to your previously made articles to info [AT] (please only in English, Dutch, Polish, German or Japanese, I want to be able to actually read it).
If you don't have experience, just think of a mock story and write it down in your email (even 'news' like "OMG! SHIGERU MIYAMOTO WAS KIDNAPPED BY PANDAS FROM PLUTO" is sufficient, as long as we can see how well you can write (and please, include humour to your writing!)).