eShop wednesday FAQ

What is eShop wednesday?
eShop wednesday is a series on YouTube, showing off the latest eShop releases for the Japanese market on the 3DS.
Any type of game is welcome, including the ones unknown to the west.

Some of the videos are titled in Japanese, others in English and others have both. Why is that?
It's very simple: 1. If the game is titled in Japanese only, it's a game targeted for the Japanese market only.
2. If the game is titled in English only, it's a game targeted for the western market only.
3. If the game is titled in both languages, it's a game targeted for both markets.

I'm a Japanese publisher, how can I participate in eShop wednesday?
You don't have to worry about that, you will be automatically part of it.
However, you must not use the content ID system or any other copyright tool on YouTube, or your game will be disqualified straightaway!

I'm a European, American or Australian publisher, can I participate too?
We usually only do Japanese games.
However, it doesn't mean you can't participate.

If you're a European, American or Australian publisher looking for free advertisement, feel free to contact us at info AT, or leave us a private message on YouTube.
For American publishers: in order to let us promote your game, we will need a developer build of your importable ROM (CIA file).
For European or Australian publishers: both a review code or importable ROM (CIA file) are fine.

Are Wii U games eligible too?
We do Wii U games occasionally, but if you want, we can arrange some love for your Wii U game too.
If you're a Japanese, European or Australian publisher, we accept both a review code or a WUMAD file.
American publishers need to share us a WUMAD file.

My game is a New Nintendo 3DS exclusive. Is it eligible too?
Preferably not, our experience recording Xenoblade Chronicles 3D was terrifying.
However, we might get equipment for recording New Nintendo 3DS exclusive games soon, but we will only be able to accept importable ROMs readable by development hardware.

How about PS4, Xbox One, PC, Mac, Linux, Android, iOS, Windows Phone, toaster, etc?
At this time, we cannot make videos of games of any of these platforms.
Our team does not have a PS4 nor Xbox One nor iOS and we lack a decent capture environment for PC, Mac, Linux, Android and Windows Phone.
Besides, we are pro-Nintendo. Please understand.

What are the requirements of joining this series? And how about the costs?
Participation is free of charge.
The only requirements are:
  • Your game must be released for Nintendo 3DS and/or Wii U.
  • For releases in the Japanese, European or Australian regions, you must provide a review code or an importable ROM readable by development hardware.
  • For releases in the American region, you must provide an importable ROM readable by development hardware.

How sure are you that eShop wednesday will help us?
We have been on YouTube since late 2006 and we currently have a million views per month, 5 million watch minutes per month and over a thousand new subscribers per month.
If you're still not impressed, then I don't know.

Besides, we are Nintendo 3DS and Wii U game developers ourselves too, helping others grow is just what we like to do in addition to developing games.
Our YouTube channel is partnered with BroadbandTV, which make sure we get our revenue which we can spend on game development.
This is why we can do this all for you at no cost.