YouTube Channel Policy

Don't see this as a really long list of rules, these are rather things you need to know before you comment.

1. Be respectful with each other.
Don't provide false information (unless you're wrong) and don't start a flame war.
Also, don't troll, even if the user is an ubernoob.
This is to keep the channel a place to have fun in our work, your work, nice chats, etc. and not to turn this into some sort of hell. Infringement means block.
2. Don't insult anybody.
It doesn't matter you liked the video or not, just don't insult anyone.
Cursing and swearing is only fine, when used in a normal context.
Infringement means block.
3. No Friend Code Sharing in Comments.
Sharing Friend Codes through PM is fine, but you must be known to at least one of us.
Infringement means deletion of the comment.
4. Don't repeat other's comments.
One comment like "How do you do this?!" is enough.
Infringement means nothing bad in the first place but if it's too much, comments will be disabled.
5. Don't spam.
Spamming with "Awesome" is fine, but don't spam with stuff like "Free Webcam Babes".
Infringement means Blockade.
In addition, any "First Comment" or similar results in a block.
6. No Sub4Sub or Box4Box.
Sub4Sub and Box4Box is not even allowed by YouTube.
SysAdmins decide who will be subscribed, and only staff will be boxed (unless you've done something very useful to our channel).
Requesting to be subscribed or boxed simply lowers your chance to be subscribed or boxed, and it makes you look like a dick.
Infringement means getting a "No." as an answer.
7. Speak English.
Not everyone in our team speaks another language, and so do probably you.
Just make yourself more understandable.
When using another language, all the other terms still apply.
Infringement means having a good chance on not getting any serious answer.

Infringement of terms 3, 4, and 7 is only allowed by PM.
Terms 1, 2, 5, and 6 still apply by PM.

Be aware that video comments will be disabled one month after the video was initially uploaded.