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This has been asked a lot, so I decided to post this stuff here.
This so I can just link to this website rather than copy/paste the same text over and over again.

1. Set up a website + domain name (be aware of additional costs, though it's usually really cheap).
2. Verify your email address.
3. Put a Google+ link on your homepage and verify it (BEWARE: use your user ID, NOT user name! I had problems verifying my website for many weeks because of this).

4. Get as many people in your circles as you can get (if your subscriber count is high enough, you can mass-add people through the Communities -> Insights tab).
5. Send an email to your network's support with this request (obviously include your channel name and Google+ name).
6. Wait for network to respond with instructions (same instructions as I just explained, but more indirect).
7. After x amount of weeks, your name is verified on both Google+ and YouTube at once. If it's still not verified within 5 weeks, it means Google denied your request.

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Also see us on Google+.
Welcome to UltimatePisman, the gamers department of CW-Games.
Go through the menus for more about this site.

Now this website became even better!
We switched from CWMSv5 to YaBS 1.0.
Forum is coming soon, please understand.

"Can I use your videos?"

We do not accept anybody to use our videos in any way.
However, most videos on our YouTube channel are uploaded by Blaveloper, which is the admin of this channel.
You should contact him instead.

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