Blaveloper made this Post on 07-12-2015, 15:18 CET | Category: Wii U
Nintendo promised a BIIIIIIIIG announcement.

But in fact, it's nothing too big, it's just Minecraft Wii U edition.
3888 Yen in Japan, unknown price in Europe. (Read More)

Blaveloper made this Post on 01-12-2015, 10:36 CET | Category: General
So Nintendo has finally launched their sugoi (awesome) Nintendo Account service.

All you need to use this service is a Nintendo Network ID associated with one of your Japanese Nintendo consoles.
Now you can use all your eShop shizzle, Miiverse spam, etc. on your PC, mobile phone, Wii U, 3DS and eShop.
However, the "My Nintendo" service will launch in March 2016.

And as a bonus, you'll get 2 months time to load 1000 Yen on your account and get 100 Yen atop of that for free! JOOOOY! (Read More)

Blaveloper made this Post on 25-11-2015, 17:27 CET | Category: General
So Nintendo will finally open their eShops in the Eastern European countries who didn't have access before.
And that's really great news for these countries!

The Nintendo eShop will be accessible in Cyprus, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Malta, Slovakia, Slovenia, Bulgaria, Croatia, Hungary and Romania AS OF 10 December 2015 and it'll be all in English, and people in these countries will need to pay in euros.
That's how Nintendo officially told our development department.

Read the part of the email down below. (Read More)

Blaveloper made this Post on 25-11-2015, 12:28 CET | Category: Opinion Piece
Being a Nindie is tough, but AWESOME!
Becoming one is even heavier, especially if you have a background as a (ROM) hacker, modder or homebrew developer.
I'm a Nindie and I used to have control over a DS hacking community.
Same for my sister, although she left us and re-joined the hacking community again.

In this guide I'll explain you how you can turn your 'illegal' activities into approved activities. (Read More)

Blaveloper made this Post on 25-11-2015, 7:14 CET | Category: General
Admitted, this game has little to do with Nintendo platforms, but it's still worth a mention.

We westerners get to deal a lot with censorship, even a Dutch South Park episode had to be censored because of 'refugees'.
On the other side of the pond, which means in North America, censorship is serious business.

And for this reason, Dead or Alive Xtreme 3 is NOT coming to America and Europe + Australia will probably follow suit.

Play-Asia came up with this news last night.
SJW caused some trouble in the west, so they decided to boycott the game.
As an alternative, Play-Asia offers an Asian version of the game, which also comes in English.
PlayStation consoles are known to be region free, so why the fuck not? (Read More)

Blaveloper made this Post on 24-11-2015, 20:35 CET | Category: Wii U
Nintendo Co. Ltd (or the Japanese Nintendo department) FINALLY put the Wii U GamePad as a separate accessory for sale.

But only in Japan.

Or maybe also in?
Hehe, no! (Read More)

Blaveloper made this Post on 23-11-2015, 10:31 CET | Category: eShop wednesday
Yesh, it's time for new eShop releases for this Thursday or Friday.
It seems like if you buy something between 27 and 30 November, you'll get up to 40% discount on popular Nintendo games.
Awesome ey?
So don't buy anything on Thursday, or you might be screwed. (Read More)

Blaveloper made this Post on 18-11-2015, 9:22 CET | Category: Review
Haha no, this is actually the name of the game I'll review in a moment: Q.
Just "Q", nothing more and nothing less.
More specifically, it's a Nintendo 3DS game that came out for Xbox One and iOS on the other side of the Atlantic Ocean earlier this year. (Read More)

Blaveloper made this Post on 16-11-2015, 18:54 CET | Category: General
Yes, this site got a new look AND a new system.
Because of the latter one, our forum is temporarily out of business and we are working on it.

YaBS 3.0 is dead, so we switched to the damn hot KotoPasta 2.3 system!
Now I hope I'll use this site more often.

Blaveloper made this Post on 06-09-2015, 12:22 CEST | Category: Review
First off, I would like to apologise once again to not post here for a very long time.
We were having a little break during the summer holidays, but we're back again and kicked off with a review. (Read More)

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